GPV hosts all-candidates forum, student election

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

Municipal elections took place throughout Alberta this past Monday, and local junior and senior high students had an opportunity to participate in this civic process, in a simulated election.

“We know our next generation will be making decisions not only for themselves, but that will impact our region, province and country so any opportunities available to engage in this process early will only be to our benefit,” says Principal Pam Heckbert.

Georges P. Vanier held an all-candidates forum in the afternon of Oct. 12. Two M.D. candidates and two Falher council candidates spoke to the students.

Donald Gosselin, who is running for re-election in Ward 1 for the M.D. of Smoky River No. 130, was the first to speak. Luc Levesque, who is running in Ward 4 of the M.D., spoke next.

Then several students read prepared statements from the other Falher council candidates who could not attend the forum.

John Perez read for Gary Braithwaite (incumbent). Michael Owanga read for Brad Drouin.

Abbey Doris read for Sandy Primeau (incumbent), J’lyn Leganchuk read for Donna Buchinski (incumbent) and Sarah Brown read for Lindsay Brown (incumbent).

Next was Rene Limoges, who is running for a second term on the Falher council.

Geoff Turnquist, who is also running for Falher council, was the last to speak.

The student election followed. Students who live in Guy, Jean Cote and the M.D. were allowed to vote for the M.D. candidates.

Students who live in Girouxville, Falher, Donnelly and McLennan were allowed to vote for the Falher candidates.

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