Glenmary graduating class are ‘Stars of Tomorrow Shine Bright Today’

Graduates of Peace River Glenmary School toss their caps during the ceremonies to celebrate the milestone of graduating from high school.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Reaching a major milestone, 65 graduating students at Glenmary School in Peace River were honoured at commencement ceremonies June 1.

Stars of Tomorrow Shining Bright Today was the theme for the celebration.

Glenmary principal Victoria Cornick congratulated the graduates for reaching an important point in their lives.

“This is a momentous occasion, a time to celebrate your hard work, dedication and perseverance,” Cornick says.

“Throughout your time here at Glenmary, you have challenged yourselves, pushed boundaries and overcome obstacles.

“You have discovered your passions, explored new ideas and made lifelong friendships.

“You have grown in ways that you may not have thought possible and you have emerged as confident, resilient young adults.”

She also encouraged the graduates as they move on to the next stage in their lives.

“As you prepare to leave Glenmary School, please remember that you carry with you the knowledge and skills you have gained over the years,” Cornick says.

“These will serve you well as you navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.”

She is optimistic the graduates will have much to offer.

“Whether you are heading off to post-secondary, entering the workforce or pursuing other paths, I have no doubt that you will make a positive impact on this world,” Cornick says.

Graduates were congratulated by Supt. Betty Turpin of Holy Family Catholic Regional Division. She encouraged graduates with words of advice.

“Volunteer – any opportunity, use your gifts and talents and give back to the community,” Turpin says.

“Take care of the environment – our planet needs champions.

“The smallest of things can make the biggest of difference.”

She inspired graduates to pray often.

“So, in happy moments, praise God; in difficult moments, seek God; in quiet moments, worship God; in painful moments, trust God and in every moment, thank God,” Turpin says.

Grimshaw ward trustee George Chuck- var also congratulated the graduates on behalf of the board.

Class representatives Robin Penner and Jeka Sobze Tiogoutsa spoke on behalf of the graduates. They thanked their teachers, parents, families, friends and others who supported and motivated them along the way.

“We have achieved this accomplishment through our determination, resilience, and the unwavering support of our families, friends and teachers,” Penner says.

“Today is a testament to our ability to overcome the challenges, adapt to change and strive for excellence in everything we do.”

She says their time in school has become valuable as they move on in life.

“Our experiences and lessons learned have played a role in shaping the individuals that we are today,” Penner says.

“As we have all discovered, high school can be a challenging and turbulent time as we begin to learn how to navigate life while still getting to know ourselves.

“Nevertheless, wheth- er we realize it or not, high school has taught us a great deal about the life skills like problem solving, managing responsibilities and striving towards our goals.”

Sobze Tigoutsa further inspired the graduates to treasure life’s lessons learned at school.

“It was in those moments of adversity that we practised some of life’s prized lessons,” Sobze Tigoutsa told the class.

“We learned by perseverance pays off.”

He shared examples.

“There were numerous times when we faced setbacks like when an essay didn’t quite hit the mark or when a carefully-thought-out science experiment did not go as planned,” Sobze Tigoutsa says.

“However, we have grown from these experiences, emerging stronger and more determined.”

Lessons in class also expanded their horizons, he notes.

“High school taught us the significance of community,” Sobze Tigoutsa says.

“Whether it was collaborating in group projects or celebrating a sports team achievement, we slowly discovered the power of friendship and teamwork.

“Our teachers and coaches played a crucial role in this journey, laying the blueprints for our success and guiding us to reach our full potential.

“We have faced our fair share of obstacles, but through it all, we have learned to find strength within ourselves and in each other.”

Former vice-principal Stephane Gaudreau inspired the students as the guest speaker.

“Embrace your gifts,” Gaudreau says.

“Stay true to yourself because you are what we need.

“Collectively and individually, you are what we need.

“Stay humble, stay kind, stay you.”

Class representatives Jeka Sobze Tigouts, left, and Robin Penner express words of thanks to teachers and those who supported them over the years.
Palona Greidanus is introduced as she proceeds on stage at the ceremonies.
James Haggett is introduced as he proceeds on stage at the ceremonies.
Graduating students, Caitln Para, left, and Grace Schaub wear their graduation gowns, as they prepare for the ceremonies.
Beau Lavoie, left, and Zacharie Tardif are two of the shining stars that was the theme of the graduation ceremonies.
Young ladies are dressed in dazzling dresses. In front, left-right, are Altheia Delfin, Anne Ortiz and Alvy Viniegra. In back, left-right, are Clarizze Vanta and Chariz Benliro.

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