Girouxville Museum opens for season

Emily Plihal
Local Journalism
Initiative Reporter

The Village of Girouxville is happy to announce that its very popular visitor attraction is now open for the season.

Located on Main Street of Girouxville, the Musée Girouxville has now opened its doors for visitors, tour groups, and individuals to go explore the many artifacts that span generations of collections.

“We’re happy to be open for the summer,” says Village CAO Estelle Girard.

“We are open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., excluding holidays and weekends.”

The museum features over 6,000 artifacts that depict the history of pioneers and missionaries who settled the Smoky River Region. Its vast display includes items from natural history, transportation, communication, schools, photography, fur trade, hunting and so much more.

The museum is one of the most appreciated tourist stops in the Smoky River Region. It is run by the Village of Girouxville with the help of its non-profit group The Friends of the Museum.

The museum was opened in 1969 and has been a staple of the region since. One of the most popular displays is the five-legged squirrel that was trapped east of Peace River.

As any other building that is rich in history, it also requires a lot of upkeep and modernization.

“The museum roof is in need of repairs and the cost is astronomical,” says Girard.

“We are open to donations if anyone is interested in helping to ensure our repairs can happen quickly.”

Girard says the museum is run on strong community spirit, tradition and for the friendly faces who come through the doors each year. Its wheelchair accessibility allows anyone to enjoy the vast display.

“Everybody is welcome to come check out the museum, and it’s important to know we are never actually closed,” she says. “If anyone would like to come see our displays any time of the year, they can call the Village of Girouxville office, and we can make arrangements.”

Girard urges potential museum visitors travelling a long distance to call before going to Girouxville to ensure that the museum is open. Because they only have one staff member, sometimes closures must happen without warning.

To ensure the museum is open, call (780) 323-4252.

For more information, please phone the Village office at (780) 323-4270.

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