Village of Girouxville Council Notebook – December 2018 and January 2019

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Falher Library Delegation
Falher Library delegation consisting of Jackie Hockey and Doreen Horvath attended the December Council meeting to request a letter from council supporting the Falher Regional Intermunicipal Library Board’s rebid to host the Alberta Works Career Resource Centre. Council approved to send a letter supporting the Falher Library’s rebid for the resource centre.

Councillor Resignation –Setting of By-Election Date
Upon Councillor Ben Dion’s resignation from council, Council has set February 25, 2019 as the By-Election date.

Fire Services Bylaw No. 18-04
Council passed all three readings to Bylaw No.18-04 for the purpose of establishing fire services for the Village of Girouxville in the M.D of Smoky River #130.

Smoky River Physician Recruitment Coordinator 2019 Budget
Council approved the Smoky River Physician Recruitment Coordinator 2019 Budget as presented.
The Village of Girouxville’s requisition is $1,163.51

Smoky River Regional Economic Development – 2019 Budget
Council approved the Smoky River Regional Economic Development’s 2019 budget as presented.
The Village of Girouxville’s requisition is $5,171.15

Energy Efficiency Education Grant Program
Council approved to participate and send a letter supporting the Town of Falher’s application for the New Energy Efficiency Education Grant on behalf of the participating municipalities.

Financial Software
Council authorized the signing of the agreement with ICity for financial software provision to include implementation and training.

Council awarded the recycling bin contract to Prairie Disposal Ltd.

Smoky River FCSS 2019 Program Funding
Council approved to participate in the Smoky River FCSS 2019 program and commit to fund the required 20%, $2,649.75.


Smoky River Express Subscriptions
Council accepted Smoky River Express Publisher’s letter cancelling the Village of Girouxville’s subscription contract as information. Effective February 1, 2019, Residents will need to purchase a subscription directly from Smoky River Express. Village of Girouxville notices will be posted on their website –

Peace Regional Victim Services
Council approved to contribute $1.25 per capita to Peace Regional Victim Services for 2019- $361.25

Community Volunteer Award
Council approved to establish the first Village of Girouxville Community Volunteer Award to be presented during Senior’s Week.

Council Honorarium
Due to the elimination of municipal tax exemption, council approved to increase council honorarium from $100 to $110.


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