Local Girl Guides participate in landmark enrollment ceremony

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Falher Girl Guides held its first meeting on October 2 and the group reached its first milestone with the enrollment ceremony at the Log Cabin on Tuesday, November 27.

“This is a really important ceremony for the girls,” says Guider Taryn Aucoin. “They have to attend three meetings to become enrolled and all girls here have met that requirement.”

There are eleven girls in the two branches of the guides offered this year, brownies and girl guides. Brownies are from age 7 to 8 and Guides age 9 to 11.

Parents attended the ceremony where, as part of the enrollment formalities, the girls recited the values and aspirations espoused by the Girl Guides of Canada. The guides also received an enrollment certificate and a pin that goes on the sash that is part of the Girl Guides’ uniform.

Club organizers and guiders, Laura Wuth and Taryn Aucoin also received a commemorative pin at the ceremony.

For over a century, Girl Guides has offered girls a strong foundation in becoming productive citizens, discover their own potential, develop confidence and maintain a sense of mental and physical wellbeing, while also providing a safe environment exclusively for girls that enables them to cultivate healthy relationships.

Falher Girl Guides meet every Tuesday from 6pm to 7.30pm at the Log Cabin, but as both guiders are teachers, the guides will take a break to coincide with school holidays, and meetings will resume when students return to school following the Christmas break.

Members of the Falher Girl Guides during their enrollment ceremony, November 27.


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