Gift Lake students win first Police and Fire Metis Olympics

Darren Martens organized the Police and Fire Metis Olympics and spoke to students about careers.

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

It was a great day for everyone!

May 9, Gift Lake FRN and East Prairie Metis Settlement sponsored the Police and Fire Metis Olympics at Gift Lake.

High Prairie RCMP’s Darren Martens organized the event.

“When talking to members in Gift Lake they mentioned that they would like to do something with the other settlements,” says Martens.

“I got to thinking that Olympics bring countries together through sport so having this event can do that. As well, we used the event to show youth job opportunities. That is why I added police and fire.”

The Olympics included two police events, two firefighter events and a log carry.

About 140 students from kindergarten to Grade 9 in the region’s Metis Settlements attended: East Prairie, Gift Lake, and Peavine. Team and individual competitions were included.

“Since East Prairie and Peavine only had K-6 students, the results for the trophy was calculated from the wins of the Grades K-6 winners,” says Martens. “Gift Lake won the overall points and took home the first championship of the Police and Fire Metis Olympics.”

Martens also spoke to students at the event to inform students of the possible future recruiting opportunities and making careers in the RCMP, Fish and Wildlife, Forestry, or participating in the Bold Eagle program.

Several firefighters joined the fun to help organize the Police and Fire Metis Olympics.

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