Giant puzzle dismantled, but not forgotten!

South Peace News’ editor Chris Clegg received a nice surprise at McLennan town meeting June 10. Mayor Jason Doris, who works with High Prairie School Division, presented Clegg with a framed print of the 24,000-piece jigsaw puzzle he built and placed (installed by High Prairie School Division staff) at High Prairie Elementary School in 2006. The puzzle called Life depicted several colourful scenes and was admired by students for many years. Clegg began building the puzzle on Valentine’s Day in 2006 and finished on Thanksgiving Day (243 days to average 98.77 [pieces per day!). Over the years, the puzzle deteriorated until Clegg gave approval for it to be removed. “The big mistake I made was when I put the puzzle together, it was on an unheated floor and the glue never really worked as it should have. Over time, the puzzle just kept falling apart.” In early June when the puzzle was dismantled, Doris kept the framed print to give to Clegg. “What an incredibly nice thing to do,” says Clegg. “It is a keepsake of the puzzle. What a momento! Thanks to Jason, High Prairie School Division and High Prairie Elementary School for thinking of me!”

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