Getting children ready for preschool, kindergarten at Ecole Heritage

Left-right are Allison Gagné, Xavier St. Arnaud, kindergarten teacher Janie Trudeau, Baron Sauvageau and Maja Pfeiffer.
Left-right are Allison Gagné, Xavier St. Arnaud, kindergarten teacher Janie Trudeau, Baron Sauvageau and Maja Pfeiffer.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

It was an opportunity for a group of children to see their new school environment this fall.

On April 21, Ecole Heritage held an open house for parents of children entering the kindergarten program this fall.

Their children attended the program the next morning, to introduce them to their future learning environment.
They got to see what their class looks like and who their teacher will be in the fall. An open house was also held for the pre-school program both days.

When the children enter their respective programs, they will be immersed in the francophone language and culture.

“For francophones, the best choice is a francophone education system,” says principal Nicole Walisser. “We strive to ensure that we provide quality educational and cultural instruction.”

She adds, “It’s the cultural instruction that’s going to create lifelong speakers and members of the francophone community.”

Kindergarten program

Janie Trudeau has been in the teaching profession for 25 years, including 12 years as the kindergarten teacher at Ecole Heritage.

For Trudeau, it’s important for the children to socialize and have positive interactions with each other, as well as respect the rules and each other.

Besides teaching them social skills, Trudeau also teaches the school curriculum, such as math.

She has a new tool called «la planète des Alphas». It’s an interactive program whereby the students learn to to read using characters like fairy and a witch, to put letters and words together. This programs starts in kindergarten and finishes in Grade 1.

In the end, it’s the enjoyment of being in Kindergarten that matters most to Trudeau.

“I want them to have fun learning and to have a wonderful experience here,” says Trudeau.
“At the end of each day, it would be great to hear them say that they’re anxioux to come back tomorrow.”
Pre-school program

Marthe Robert is the preschool teacher at Ecole Routhier, as well as a school bus driver.

The others working with her are assistant Diane Drapeau and Diane Dorin, the special needs assistant.

Children entering the preschool program will receive hands-on learning.

They work on themes, such as spring and what it entails.

And as with the Kindergarten program, Robert wants her students to have a great experience.

The pre-school program is part of Ecole Heritage, so the children can go to the school cafeteria and the library.

They also get to learn how to cook, among other activities.

Perhaps the biggest way to make them feel that they are part of the school is a buddy system. They get to work together with Grade 7 students on various activities.

“So they are part of the bigger family,” says Robert. “It’s a unique angle for our kids, I really like that.”

The pre-school program now has a Zen Corner, too. It’s filled with lots of activities for the children.

But the emphasis is on getting them to learn about their feelings and how to deal with them.

“It gives them boundaries,” says Robert.
“It’s a good tool for them.”

For more information about these programs, please contact principal Nicole Walisser at (780) 837-3266.


The Zen Corner in the pre-school program.
The Zen Corner in the pre-school program.

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