‘Get Trudeau out,’ says MP Viersen

Conservative candidate and incumbent Peace River – Westlock MP Arnold Viersen stopped in High Prairie on Sept. 23 on the federal election campaign trail. Standing left-right, are Greg Radstaak, Viersen, Town of High Prairie Councillor Brian Gilroy and High Prairie and Area Chamber of Commerce president Barry Sharkawi.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Conservative candidate Arnold Viersen stopped in High Prairie on Sept. 23 on the federal election campaign trail.

The serving MP for Peace River – Westlock shared his priorities and listened to voters.

Opening oil lines and defeating the Liberal government and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are top priorities.

“Most people want to get Trudeau out and pipelines in,” Viersen says.

“We’ve been doing lots of door knocking.”

He urges voters to think about the parties before they cast their ballot.

“People should vote,” Viersen says.

“People should send a message to Trudeau that his policies have hurt northern Alberta.”

Boosting the economy is a priority for the incumbent MP, who was first elected in 2015.

“Pipelines is the biggest issue in northern Alberta, so we can get oil off the rails so we can ship our grain,” Viersen says.

The party he represents is eager to turn around the economy and help citizens, he says.

“Conservatives offer a way for people to get ahead,” Viersen says.

“We are committed to reduce the basic income tax rate that would put $850 in the pockets of Canadians.”

The Conservative party also pledges to commit $1 billion for CT scan and MRI machines in hospitals, he says.

“Lack of those machines is causing a backlog in some areas,” Viersen says.

“Even though the federal government is not responsible for delivering health care, there are things we can do.”

He says the Liberal government has hurt the economy in northern Alberta, even when Trudeau’s father Pierre Trudeau was prime minister from 1968-1984.

“Northern Alberta has seen the greatest job loss since Pierre Trudeau was in power,” Viersen says.

Boosting agriculture is another priority for the party, he says.

“We would restore Canada’s dignity and respect on the world stage,” Viersen says.

“We need to work on the brand of Canada.”

He says the Liberal party has hurt agriculture.

“Justin Trudeau has diminished our place in the world,” Viersen says.

He says agricultural issues are basically caused by Canada’s relationship with other nations and world markets.

Viersen continues his campaign in the northwest part of the riding according to his schedule provided by his campaign team.

Oct. 4 in Slave Lake.

Oct. 5 in Smith.

Oct. 7 in Falher.

Oct. 9 in Peace River.

Oct. 16 in Red Earth Creek.

Election day across Canada is Oct. 21.

Advance polls are open Oct. 11-14 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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