Generosity overwhelms camp organizers

The Amundruds, of Lloydminster, ministered in music during the evening fundraiser.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Support for the High Prairie Wilderness Camp keeps growing.
More than $21,000 was raised at the camp’s annual fundraiser Oct. 22 at the Triangle Hall 15 km west of High Prairie.
“We raised $21,439.40,” says camp director Aaron Harbidge, who launched the camp for youth ages 12-17 years in 2016.
“It was super-encouraging to see all the support for High Prairie Wilderness Camp.”
After COVID-19 restrictions in 2021 and 2020, it was the first fundraiser since 2019 when more than $17,000 was raised.
“It’s been a few years since we have hosted the event and it was good to see the outpouring of support through the donations of items, auction bids and enthusiastic participation.”
About 165-175 people attended the recent fundraiser.
“They know that without their donations, their young people wouldn’t be able to attend this type of high-quality program,” says Harbidge.
“We have a very loyal and consistent support base in the High Prairie area who appreciate the camp’s vision and purpose.”
Fundraising, fellowship and food were the focus of the evening.
Countless items were donated for the silent auction and nine for the live auction with auctioneer Dave Daly.
“Dave once again did an excellent job,” Harbidge says.
“Dave has done this for a number of years and every time delivers a fun, fast-paced auction; definitely a highlight of the evening.”
People enjoyed the evening of fundraising and entertainment as The Amudruds, of Lloydminster, ministered in music.
“The Amundruds put on a fantastic performance with upbeat music,” Harbidge says.
Organizers heard many comments from those at the event.
“One couple said it was the first time out in a long time,” Harbidge says.
“So we were honoured they would choose the event to come to as they obviously really wanted to there.
“A lot of our camp staff staff joined us, some travelling as long as nine hours.”
Organizers appreciate individuals, businesses and community organizations that support the camp in various ways.
“Ultimately, God takes care of making sure we have the finances to continue from year to year,” Harbidge says.
“Without His blessing and bringing people together around the purpose and vision of the camp, the funds wouldn’t come in.”

Several items were up for bids in a live auction at the annual High Prairie Wilderness Camp fundraiser Oct. 22 at Triangle Hall. A quilt made by Helen Carriere, of High Prairie, is shown by camp director Aaron Harbidge left, and Heidi Harbidge.

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