Funding plotted for cemetery

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Big Lakes County has plotted funds to enhance a cemetery south of Kinuso.
At its regular meeting Sept. 14, council approved to release up to $11,710 from the Swan Valley Cemetery reserve account to conduct a field survey, prepare a cemetery plan for Land Titles and to place plot markers on 250 unmarked graves.
Council earlier rescinded a motion passed at its meeting Oct. 28, 2020 that they release up to $14,595 from the reserve account to place 50-60 granite markers on unmarked graves.
Back in spring 2019, Big Lakes took over the ownership of the cemetery from the United Church of Canada.
In addition to the cemetery property, the United Church gave council $26,700 remaining from the sale of the land to hold in trust for the Swan Valley Cemetery committee, says Dave Reynolds, director of corporate services.
The committee currently manages operations at the cemetery in conjunction with Kinuso Community Association.

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