French students at Ecole Routhier offer a grand Christmas performance

Pictured above are the students in the French Kindergarten class singing ‘Le gentil Père Noël’ song, during the evening of Dec. 13.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff
The French Christmas concert was held at Ecole Routhier on Dec. 13, to a packed house.

The Kindergarten students opened the concert with ‘Le gentil Père Noël’.

In due course, the other grades sang, including the Grade 2’s, who offered up ‘Vive le vent’.

The students in Grades 4 and 5 had their moment dancing as they sang ‘Danser autour du sapin vert’ and ‘Le petit renne au nez rouge’.

For the finale, all the grades and their teachers were on stage to sing ‘L’enfant au tambour’ and ‘Feliz Navidad’.

Pictured above, students in Grades 3 and 4 perform ‘J’ai vu maman embrasser le Père Noël’.
Students in Grades 4 and 5 sing ‘Danser autour du sapin vert’ and ‘Le petit renne au nez rouge’ for their performance.

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