Fort McMurray RCMP warns the public about fraudulent calls


News release

On August 9th, 2016, the Wood Buffalo RCMP Detachment received several complaints of telephone scams.

Phone scammers have used software to display the Wood Buffalo RCMP detachment telephone number in an attempt to obtain personal and banking information. Telephone scams can happen at any time, anywhere and the RCMP would like to remind the community to be smart when it comes to providing information both over the phone and on the internet.

Telephone scams can include a variety of tactics. Before sending money anywhere or giving out information, check the facts and do not succumb to pressure situations. Do not give personal information, such as bank account numbers and social insurance numbers over the phone.

The RCMP will never ask you to provide this information. Don’t be afraid to say no and hang up.

If you have any suspicions in relation to a call, call the police immediately afterwards.

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