Football Prospectors preparing for playoffs

Richard Froese
South Peace News

The Peace River Prospectors are gearing up for the playoffs in the Peace Country Bantam Football League.
The visiting Prospectors defeated the Grande Prairie Raiders 30-21 on Oct. 12.
Peace River was scheduled to host the Sexsmith Shamrocks on Oct. 22. Each team went into the game with 4-1 records. The winner locks up second place in the standings and gets a bye in the first round of the playoffs, says co-head coach Dean Tubbs.
If the Prospectors lose, they face the Grande Prairie Norsemen in the playoffs.
Peace River is peaking heading into the playoffs.
“The Prospectors are surging right now on the strength of the run game and our ability to use multiple players to get the ball out of the backfield,” says Tubbs, a co-head coach with Josh Scott, who was absent from the game.
“Lots of teams have successful run games, but if you look closely, they use one or two players the majority of the time to be successful.
“Our team is capable of using different players and changing our style on the fly if something isn’t working.”
Prospector players are rising up, he notes.
“We have a lot of players who have been stepping up recently and many players are surprising us with their abilities and talents they bring to the field,” Tubbs says.
“After our game against Wembley, our players are understanding the success they can have this year and it’s bringing a renewed energy to the team.”
The game against the Raiders was close all the way. Kolby Davis scored a touchdown to give the Prospectors a 6-0 lead after the first quarter.
Noah Reuther and Alex Kenny each added on a touchdown in the second quarter before the Raiders responded with a pair of touchdowns.
Reuther added his second touchdown in the third quarter.
“We knew going into this game that we were going to have to start strong since the Raiders could change out their players more often that we could,” Tubbs says.
“Our quarterbacks, James Croker and Noah Reuther, made quick passes and runs to continually move the ball down the field slowly to wear down the Raiders’ defence.”
The Prospectors exposed holes and relied on running backs Tate Cousins and Davis to grind out yards all game, Tubbs says.

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