FireChase returns to HP

Participants in the High Prairie FireChase in the 10-km walk get off to a good start. Left-right, are Phyllis Riddle, Darron Riddle, Belinda Dippenaar and Jaco Dippenaar.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

The once-popular High Prairie FireChase returned Oct. 2 after several years to rave reviews and many compliments.
Previously held in 2014, FireChase is an event that encourages physical fitness and raises money for the High Prairie Fire Department.
No figure for fundraising was determined by Oct. 7, says organizer Roeby de Voogd van der Straten, who revived the event, which was held under near-perfect weather conditions.
Funds are designated for new specialized low-angle equipment.
She says 75 people registered for the event although 60 participated in the walk and run.
“People loved to have the event back in the community,” de Voogd van der Straten says.
“They loved it, the weather was beautiful and they loved to see the mascots.”
FireChase included participants from High Prairie, Enilda, Jous- sard, Girouxville, Slave Lake, Peace River, Grimshaw and Guy.
One special person participated; Lynne Pardell, who initiated the event in 2004 when she was a member of the local fire department.
“I’m glad they revived it,” says Pardell, who moved out of the community several years ago.
The event was supported by many partners.
“Community support was amazing, we had lots of sponsors, volunteers and in-kind donations,” de Voogd van der Straten says.
“I give a huge thanks to everyone who was involved in the event.
“Without them the event was not possible.”
She trusts the event can and will continue.
“I hope we can keep the event going again on a yearly basis,” de Voogd van der Straten says.

Young families got into the action in the High Prairie FireChase. Left-right, are Jack Perry, 3, Jacob Perry, Sarah Perry and Anna Perry, 5.
Lynne Pardell (No. 360), left, and Larry Doucette, right, take the lead in the 5-km run and walk in the High Prairie FireChase. Pardell initiated the event that started in 2014 when she was a member of the fire department.
Young girls lead the way in the High Prairie FireChase in the 10-km run. Left-right, are Danica Doucette, 12, Lexi Flett, 11, Blake Doucette, 10 and Alaina Stecik, 10.

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