Fire Prevention Week – High Prairie Fire Chief credits effort by many for success

The 2021 High Prairie Fire Department. Left-right, are Derek Monsen, Michael Caron, Austin Stout, David Martinson, fire chief Trevor Cisoroski, Brandon Letendre, Edwina Ayles, Grant Halverson, Jennifer Anderson, Steven Rotenberger, David Willoughby, Mazin Sharkawi, Wade Rederburg, Phillip MacKenzie, Cory Anderson, Jonathan Hesse and Jesse Norbert.

Trevor Cisaroski,
Fire Chief,
Town of High Prairie

“Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety” is the theme of National Fire Prevention Week, Oct. 3-9 sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association.
Time has flown by and this year marks two years as High Prairie Fire Department fire chief.
I am honored and privileged to have the Town of High Prairie council’s confidence to lead our great team in providing fire protection service to our areas.
The area we serve extends into a large part of Big Lakes County and various Metis settlements and First Nations.
This past year has been challenging to elude the COVID-19 virus yet maintaining fire services.
It has been done with a collaborative effort of our team and they are to be commended.
As of today, the HPFD has responded to 104 calls that vary from structure fires, motor vehicle collisions, wildland fires and monitored alarms.
Monitored alarms are still at the top of our call list.
Monitoring companies are canvassing the area to get more systems activated and this has increased the call dispatch for monitored alarms.
Fortunately, all the false alarms have not been actual fires.
Fire truck response can be averted when homeowners cancel the false alarm immediately before the alarm company dispatches the fire department.
To reduce false alarm responses, please make cancelling the monitoring dispatch a priority.
The first false alarm is free but anything after that within a six-month period will be charged to the property owner.
Please consider that the fire department is comprised of all volunteers.
When a call comes in, these folks leave their sleep, family time, work and play to provide first responder services to our community.
I thank the many employers that support this service by allowing these employees to leave while at work.
Members are comprised of trades people, public servants, mill employees, professionals, and all walks of life.
If you have ever considered giving the fire service a try, we are having a recruit intake currently but will accept applications at any time.
When we have the next intake, you will be contacted and informed of the process.
Applications are available in the fire hall office, from any member, and online on the town website.
No experience is needed but check the application for requirements.
I must congratulate the town people for their great record.
We have not had any major structure fires recently.
Good job, keep this up and always keep fire safety in the back of your minds.
The fire prevention week slogan “Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety” is directed mostly for the residential audience.
Understanding what those sounds from detectors mean may prevent kids and adults from injury.
Stay safe and know the “Sounds of Fire Safety”.
To find out more about Fire Prevention Week programs and activities in High Prairie, please check out our Facebook page, or contact the High Prairie Fire Department at or phone (780) 523 3525.
For more general information about Fire Prevention Week and fire prevention in general, visit

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