Fire ban now in effect through the entire province of Alberta

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

Smoky River fire chief Marcel Maure has issued a fire ban order for all of M.D. of Smoky River No. 130.

“With this extremely warm weather and lack of precipitation, we’re in prime condition for wildland fires,” he says.

Maure issued the ban on May 2, stating that the wildfire hazard is extreme. The ban stipulates:
. No open burning is allowed, no fires using wood, charcoal or briquettes.
. No fireworks.

Also, no fire permits will be issued and all existing fire permits are suspended.

However, the ban does not include propane and gas barbecues. Keep up to date about the fire bans across the province by going to the website,

But also late last week, the Alberta government imposed a province-wide band on all fires described here.

Please check for up to date information about fire bans.


The Canadian Red Cross is asking the public to provide donations for humanitarian relief for Fort McMurray residents. Donations can be made at

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