File your tax return to get the carbon levy rebate

Government of Alberta
News release

If you are a single Albertan whose net income is below $47,500 or a couple or family whose net income is below $95,000, you will receive a full rebate.

The rebate begins to phase out above these amounts, but singles earning less than $51,250 and a family with two children earning less than $101,500 will receive a partial rebate.

In 2017, the full rebate will be $200 for singles, $300 for couples and $360 for a couple with two children ($30 per child up to a maximum of four children).

Rebates will provide upfront, timely support to lower- and middle-income Albertans to help manage increased costs associated with the carbon levy.

If you take some simple steps to reduce household emissions, such as shortening shower time, using a programmable thermostat, carpooling or not idling your vehicle, you will be helping to reduce Alberta’s greenhouse gas emissions while ensuring you make the most of your rebate.

If you haven’t already, be sure to file your 2015 tax return as soon as possible to help ensure that you receive your carbon levy rebate in early January 2017. For more details visit

Remembering Lt. Governor Norman Kwong

Former Alberta Lt. Governor Norman Kwong passed away on Sept. 3. Albertans were invited to sign on online tribute at

Flags at municipal buildings were lowered to half staff in his memory. A funeral service was held on Sept. 13.

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