Female, 2 children victims of man’s actions

H.P. court docket
Nov. 28, 2022
Judge S.P. Hinkley

(High Prairie) – A 22-year-old man who confined a woman and two young children in a bedroom in Kinuso for one hour was sentenced after appearing in High Prairie provincial court Nov. 28.
Lyle Robbie Nanooch, of Little Red River Cree Nation, AB was handed a global sentence of 201 days after he pleaded guilty to unlawful confinement, assault with a weapon, theft under $5,000 and four counts of failing to comply with release conditions.
However, Nanooch was immediately released due to time already served in custody before his court appearance.
Judge S.P. Hinkley supported the joint submission for sentencing from Crown prosecutor Adriene Shapka and Nanooch’s lawyer, Olivia Manzer.
“Confinement of two young children in a room for one hour is aggravating,” Judge Hinkley said.
RCMP responded to a call about an assault of a female by a male, the Crown alleged. A three-month-old child and a two-year-old child were also in the home. At one point, Nanooch confined the three victims in a bedroom for one hour.
Nanooch allegedly threw a diaper bag, a water bottle and clothes at the woman, court heard.
The adult victim had blood and marks on her arm and a fat lip, the Shapka added.
Eventually, the adult female and the young children were able to escape the bedroom and the house.
Court heard Nanooch was intoxicated.
As part of his sentence, Nanooch was ordered to provide a DNA sample.
The theft charge arose when Nanooch entered Ace Liquor store and stole three bottles of rum valued at $122.55, Shapka told court.
“There is no restitution order on file,” she added.
Nanooch also failed to report to his bail supervisor on three counts of failing to comply with release condition. The other count was for failing to report to his probation officer.
“He is taking responsibility and it’s an expression of remorse,” sadi Manzer.
The Crown agreed.
“With guilty pleas, he is taking responsibility for his actions,” Shapka said.
The judge trusts Nanooch is now on the road to a crime-free life.
“My hope is that you and I don’t meet again like this,” Judge Hinkley said as his departing words to Nanooch.

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