Fees to recharge debated

Emily Plihal
Local Journalism
Initiative Reporter

Northern Sunrise County council has been deliberating fees to charge electric vehicle drivers when they utilize the new charging stations at the administration building.
The County installed two Leviton Chargepoint Electric Vehicle (EV) Level 2 chargers in its parking area outside the administration building earlier this year. Included as part of its building renovations, the charging stations were installed to provide a service to tourists and community members. Although the chargers have been active for some time, council was finalizing bylaw changes to include the chargers.
“Administration conducted research around the province and beyond to see what other municipalities and/or organizations were doing,” says Reeve Carolyn Kolebaba.
“The $2.50 per hour rate was the standard fee. The $25 flat fee after the four hours was implemented to ensure that users could receive a full charge for a low fee and does not encourage overnight stays in the county parking lot,” she adds.
The Level 2 CT 4000 chargers can give an EV 80 per cent charge within four hours, dependent on size of battery in the vehicle.
“Individuals who are attending a meeting at the county office can easily recharge their vehicle for a minimal cost and those traveling through the region can easily access our charging stations as we are easy access from the highway,” says Kolebaba.
“I think municipalities want to encourage alternative energy sources when and where they can do so. We were able to build these ones in as part of our renovation/construction project on the administration building.”
In order for users to not be charged the flat fee after four hours, they will have to manually disconnect their charger. There will be no automatic disconnect option.
Not just lacking in the northern part of Alberta, EV Charging stations are all but non-existent. With only a few Level 2 charging stations scattered at various Peavey Marts, municipal buildings or hotels across the vast northern part of the province, the infrastructure is in need of development.
With Northern Sunrise County choosing to install their two chargers they’ve increased the landmass that EV drivers can travel in the province. This is also a notable achievement with federal government regulations that will see the majority of new automobiles sold in the country electrified by 2040.
Following suit, both the M.D. of Smoky River and Town of Falher will be installing chargers in 2023. The M.D. is installing both a Level 2 dual port charger and a Level 3 charger, Falher will be installing a Level 2 dual port charger.

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