Falher’s request endorsed

Lucie Mercier
South Peace News

At the M.D. of Smoky River council meeting Dec. 8, a request was made by Town of Falher CAO James Bell, along with Mayor Donna Buchinski, to apply for the Alberta Community Partnership [ACP] grant, with the M.D.
ACP is a collaborative grant, by the government, where municipalities are able to partner together, for various funding. The request is for a study regarding Range Road 214, also known as the cemetery road, that borders along the west side of town.
“It’s to study the road, its current condition, and what options we might have in the future for the road. Whether it’s best to keep maintaining it as a standard gravel surface? Whether it’s better to redo the road, or if it’s easier to repave it, and how all of that plays in with the flood ditch next to it,” Bell explained.
Bell added because of the flood ditch being right there, it makes it more complicated in terms regarding erosion and also in case of the road slipping.
“We want the study done, to evaluate all of our options moving forward.”
M.D. Councillor Gilles Roy motioned to approve the application, with the understanding there is no future financial obligation to participate in the project. The M.D. council also requested to have their director of operations review the terms of reference for the engineer.
Updates as to whether the request is granted, will be reported.

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