Falher town council notebook

Town of Falher council is seeking support to upgrade Second St. SW, a well-travelled gravel road on the western boundary of the town.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Initial proposed engineering costs to upgrade a well-travelled gravel road on the western boundary of Falher have been presented to Falher town council.
At its regular meeting Oct. 12, council received a quote of $10,905 for an engineering study for Second St. SW, also known as Cemetery Road.
Council has requested funding support from the M.D. of Smoky River council for a study and upgrades to the road for many years since a high volume of traffic is from the rural municipality.
“We should approach the M.D. again and see if they want to support us,” Mayor Donna Buchinski suggests.
“We should wait until after the election and we could send them another letter.”
New councils were scheduled to take office after local government elections Oct. 18.
CAO James Bell suggested council send a letter to the new Smoky River council.
Councillor Robert Lauze agrees that the M.D. council be approached again.
“We should write another letter to the M.D.,” Lauze says.
The cost discussed was for an in-depth study of the roadway that would fit into the Town’s current asset management goals, Bell says.
“The study would identify existing infrastructure and condition, existing roadway maintenance, drainage upgrades, road upgrade options,” Bell says.
He notes some aspects of the study were to be modified to bring down the cost.
Council decided not to move forward with the study at this time and will re-evaluate it in the New Year.
At its regular meeting June 9, council discussed concerns about the road with administration and public works.
“Some of the issues include dust control, speeding, heavy truck access and road damage,” Bell says.
Council and administration would approach those issues systematically in an attempt to solve as many as possible in an effective and efficient manner, he notes.

Specialty food
store suggested

Another type of business will be allowed in the commercial districts in the Town of Falher.
Council gave first reading to amend the land-use bylaw to add specialty food store and add it to the discretionary uses within the general commercial [C-1] and secondary commercial [C-2] districts in the land-use bylaw.
A public hearing is scheduled for Nov. 10 at 7 p.m.
Falher’s Municipal Development Plan, adopted by council in 2016, outlines the community’s corporate vision, and contains key principles and policy directions intended to guide future decisions and prioritize actions towards the achievement of the stated vision.
Guiding Principle No.7 states: “Falher aims to sustain local business, foster local prosperity, and develop an economic base that is sufficiently diverse to maintain a vibrant commercial core through economic cycles.”
The amendment bylaw assists with future business growth and economic development for the community.

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