Falher talks 4-day work week

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Town of Falher employees may soon have a work week of four days from five.

At its regular meeting May 10, Falher council directed administration to get more information about a four-day work week as recommended by CAO James Bell.

“It’s something we should look at,” Mayor Donna Buchinski says.

“I think it would be a pilot project to see if it works with the number of staff we have.”

Bell says a reduced work week would give staff a luxury and flexibility in their work and life.

He says the town has eight employees, including three in public works.

“This is more of an exploration,” Bell says.

A pilot project in one Nova Scotia municipal has found benefits to the shortened work week.

“Morale with staff is good,” Bell says.

“It shows staff that you want them to have good balance.”

The mayor says the town would still maintain regular business.

“It won’t change anything for office hours,” Buchinski says.

“The office would still be open five days a week, the staff will just rotate.”

Bell says that the COVID-19 pandemic has provided other options to do town business outside the office.

At various times, the office has been closed to the public and people are able to pay bills online.

Bell says that a shorter work week would be a good tool to attract and recruit new employees.

However, he adds the biggest challenge would be for the public works department, which has three employees.

Public works has duties and responsibilities seven days a week.

“It might start out as a pilot with administration and then move to public works,” Bell says.

He plans to report back to council at a future meeting.

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