Falher, SL students studying bestseller

The Wild Robot is a New York Times bestseller. Studnts in Falher and Slave Lake are studying the book as part of a literacy project.

Pearl Lorentzen
For South Peace News

On Feb. 2, there were robot pictures all over Slave Lake E.G. Wahlstrom Elementary School.

“The buzz was everywhere,” says principal Kristoffer Herbert.

On Feb. 8, a robot voice made an announcement on the loudspeaker and students got a bag with all of the letters of The Wild Robot. As a class, they solved the mystery of the book that all of them would be reading over the next month.

At the end of the day, each student and every staff member received their own copy of The Wild Robot by Peter Brown.

The pictures and other hype, were part of the lead up to Two Schools, One Book. It’s the second year E.G. Wahlstrom has done the literacy project which includes fun quizzes, prizes, and assignments to do with the book.

“We’re upping it a notch,” says Herbert.

This year, there are two schools involved. École Routhier School in Falher is on board. The schools are on opposite sides of the High Prairie School Division. E.G. Wahlstrom [east] has Grades 3-6 and École Routhier [west] has K to Grade 6. At both schools, there were activities and reading each day. Once a week, classes meet virtually with partner classes at the other school.

“It’s kind of neat,” says Herbert.

There are similarities and differences between the two communities. Falher is a French farming community and some of the classes are French immersion. The main industries in Slave Lake are forestry, oil and gas.

Two Schools, One Book runs Feb. 8 to March 11.

Last year, the Town of Slave Lake mayor, Icedogs junior hockey players, and other community members came into classes to read a chapter. This year, the hope is to do something similar, but virtually.

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