Falher resident creates front garden exhibit to celebrate Honey Fest

Grace Thibault with her annual, Honey Fest themed garden display at her home on Central Avenue S.W. in Falher.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

For the past ten years, Grace Thibault has created a honey and bee themed front garden display to celebrate Falher’s Honey Fest weekend.

The original inspiration came to Thibault when Honey Fest organizers talked about having a garden display contest to coincide with the festival.

When the contest failed to materialize, Thibault was undaunted and decided to continue her personal tradition of decorating her house and yard for the festival each year. As with many such projects, Thibault adds new ornaments and decorations each year and plants yellow flowers in keeping with the Honey Fest theme.

Thibault works singlehandedly on the Honey Fest garden display, arranging ornament, draping decorations from the eves and planting flowers but she took a little more time getting organized this year, having spent some time in hospital.

Considering the amount of work she puts into the project, Grace Thibault leaves the exhibit in place for a month or more, so anyone curious to take a look can go by her home at 114 Central Avenue S.W, which is on the same side of the street as the Falher Arena.

Although Thibault no longer needs the Honey Fest garden contest to motivate her, she still believes the contest is a good idea that would prompt people to create interesting garden exhibits each year during the festival.

This story is re-issued from the July 3 edition to correct an error in Grace Thibault’s name.

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