Falher receives grant for EC station

Emily Plihal
South Peace News

Town of Falher council approved the installation of a CT4000 Electric Vehicle Charger after being approved for a grant through the SouthGrow EV Charger grant.
Council addressed the infrastructure needs in Northern Alberta, acknowledging that more chargers were required for people travelling through or to our area. Understanding their Level 2 charger will provide a slower charge, council is hoping that visitors to the Falher Regional Recreational Complex, Splash Park, or people shopping at a local business can make use it while in town.
“The Town of Falher is excited to move into the future with an Electric Vehicle Charger,” says CAO James Bell.
“Having a location at the centre of some major recreation opportunities and a short walk from local businesses presents a great tourism opportunity for the Honey Capital of Canada,” he adds.
Falher received 46 per cent funding for the entire installation and purchase cost of the system, and anticipates that it can also be used for municipal fleet down the line.
The municipality’s charger will be installed at the town office site in upcoming months.
The municipal energy manager was also asked to look for grant funding to help with municipal building retrofits and upgrades to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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