Falher must grow to attract young families and businesses, says candidate Geoff Turnquist

Geoff Turnquist

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

Geoff Turnquist likes to use a lot of descriptors as a resident of Falher – husband, father, coach, homeowner, taxpayer, business owner and local business supporter.

Now, Turnquist is putting his name forward for the Falher council, emphasizing his desire to help the community grow by attracting young families and businesses.

“What better reason than that, to be part of the town’s decision-making process?” says Turnquist.

He wants to help build Falher and the region for posterity.

“Without the focus on kids, Falher’s future is in jeopardy. Let’s market a prosperous Falher.

“Let’s get businesses here. But let’s market Falher and the area, not just the town.”

Turnquist and his family have lived in the region for 10 years, and he has owned several businesses in that time.

His wife, Patty Turnquist, has lived here all her life.

As a business owner, he is in the process of building a foundation for cancer relief, the Team Supplemental Foundation.

Turnquist plans to make door-to-door stops during the election.

Also, Turnquist is willing to meet with the public to discuss his ideas and their concerns.

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