Falher library manager offers information about hard copy and digital services

Front to back are Lucie Dufresne, Jocelyne Gervais and Carmen Ewing.
Front to back are Lucie Dufresne, Jocelyne Gervais and Carmen Ewing.

Jocelyne Gervais
Library manager

On April 18, I held a session at the Village of Girouxville office, which was open to local and M.D. residents.
Our mandate is:

1. Promote library services CELA, TRAC and e-resources (electronic resources).

2. Help set up apps and navigate TRAC and e-resources.

3. Promote new databases (Ancestry and Tumble Books).

Attendees are asked what they are interested in. Thereafter, our focus is to make them knowledgeable in navigating that choice by the end of the session.

This includes setup with apps on their devices and to be knowledgeable in navigating and downloading e-resources, or to access The Regional Automation Consortium. We learn to search and place holds on items such as CD’s (audiobooks and music), DVD’s (movies and TV series) and books.

Another session will be held at the Village of Donnelly office from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on April 27.

TRAC Library borrowing cards are available for little cost and are renewed annually. This gives you access to TRAC and e-resources (digital), which include e-books, magazines, Tumble Books for kids and more.

This differs from the new free local (Falher) library cards to residents of Donnelly, Falher, Girouxville and the M.D. of Smoky River. This gives you access to our Falher Library and its contents, but not to TRAC or e-resources.

If you’d like more information, please call the Falher Library at (780) 837-2776. For the McLennan Municipal Library and its programs and services, call (780) 324-3767.

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