Falher joins Mighty Peace Tourism Association

Richard Froese
South Peace News

The Town of Falher has joined the Mighty Peace Tourism Association.
At its regular meeting May 2, council approved to become a member of the tourism group, which promotes tourism in the Peace.
Mayor Donna Buchinski said Mighty Peace Tourism will broaden the town’s profile.
Council learned about the organization in a presentation from executive director Jenna Arm- strong.
“It can give us more value in a larger region,” Buchinski said.
“I can see a lot of benefit.”
Councillor Gaetane Pizycki agreed.
“It will bring in more people to our [Smoky River] region,” Pizycki said.
At $2 per capita, membership costs Falher $2,652.55 for a full year.
During debate, Buchinski noted Smoky River Tourism has not been active in the past couple of years. Council had considered joining Mighty Peace Tourism for some time, she added.
“We just wanted to explore if this is something the town should be doing,” she said.
She added the Town of McLennan recently became a member.
Mighty Peace Tourism is expanding its scope.
“We are looking at doing more francophone and Indigenous tourism,” Armstrong told council.
The organization is also working to take advantage of the growing popularity of the region.
“More people are coming up north and we want to keep them here for a few days or longer,” Armstrong said.
“Our purpose is to promote people, places and experiences.”
Mighty Peace Tourism has been serving its region since 1963.
Several core operations focus on priorities to promote tourism business opportunities and support new operators and create networking and learning opportunities for tourism operators and partners.
It also co-ordinates visitor-friendly destination packages and tours, collaborates with partners and tourism operators, and strives to increase Mighty Peace Tourism’s visibility.

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