Falher injects funds into clinic

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Falher town council has approved a funding request to cover some costs for the Falher Medical Clinic that serves the region.
At its regular meeting Nov. 10, Town of Falher council approved a funding request of $4,050 from the non-profit Falher and Area Community Association for Professional Services [CAPS] that operates the clinic.
Financial assistance will cover overhead.
Dione Guerette represented CAPS as a delegation at the meeting to discuss the request.
Only specified costs are covered by the Primary Care Network.
Mayor Donna Buchinski said the clinic is valuable to the wider region.
She is also happy that Birch Hills County to the west is also supporting the clinic with funds.
“I think it’s important that Birch Hills is stepping up because they see the value of the clinic,” Buchinski said.
Now, she hopes more local municipalities show their support to the clinic.
At its regular meeting Jan. 11, council agreed to cover a shortfall of $12,980 for CAPS.
CAPS requested administrative funding for six months from municipalities of the Smoky River region.
The M.D. of Smoky River contributed, the Village of Donnelly committed to a portion of the request, while the Town of McLennan and the Village of Girouxville denied the request.

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