Falher increases user rates

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Falher residents and property owners will be paying more for water, sewer, recycling and waste collection services.

At its regular meeting March 15, Town of Falher council approved a recommendation to increase the rates May 1.

“This is user pay, so it will help us with our bottom line,” Mayor Donna Buchinski says.

Water rates will rise to $5.20 a cubic meter from $5.15.

The basic charge will increase to $12.60 a month from $11.75.

Sewer charges will rise to $10.75 from $10.50.

For non-residential users, the rate rises to 12.92 per cent of the water charge per month with a minimum of $10.75.

Currently, the rate is 12.74 per cent of the water charge with a minimum of $10.50 a month.

For recycling services, the fee increases to $7.98 per month from $7.82.

The rate for collecting and disposing waste rises to $20.60 per month from $20.45.

The rate for the water truck fill remains at $8.

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