Falher Curling Club hosts PCA Masters and Juvenille Boys and Girls Playdowns

Members of the Fort St. John team in action during the championship game of January 28. From left are Samuel Smith, Kolten Lindner and Murray Lawrence. Not shown is team member Layton Tremblay.

Alain Blanchette
Falher Curling Club
Teams around the Peace Country gathered in Falher January 27-28 to compete for two spots in each division to qualify for Provincials in February.

Unfortunately, there was only two registered teams for the Masters Men’s division (Donald Dumont rink from Falher, and Colin Griffith team from Grande Prairie) which automatically qualify for provincials.

As for the Juvenile Girls division, there were only two teams. Team Radke and Team Boorse which are both from the Grande Prairie area and will also automatically move on to Provincials.

On the boys’ side, we had five teams compete for the two spots. There was team Kievel from Manning, Team Tremblay from Fort St. John, Team Albrecht from Manning, Team Stockman from Peace River and Team Elsenheimer from Grande Prairie. Team Elsenheimer had a local connection, as one of the players on the team was Tony Romanchuk’s grandson. The boys played a double knockout round robin, which saw Team Albrecht winning the A side, going undefeated. On the B side, Team Tremblay from Fort St. John won after defeating team Elsenheimer in the final.

All the boys received valuable experience from the event, and we wish both teams from the boys, girls and masters division all the best of luck at provincials later in February.

Pictured above is the Fort St. John team, Team Tremblay, who won the championship game against Team Elsenheimer. Left-right are Kolten Lindner (lead), Samuel Smith (second), Murray Lawrence (third) and Layton Tremblay (skip).

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