Falher council sets 2018 salary grid, with wage increase

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

During their meeting on Nov. 14, council for the Town of Falher passed the 2018 salary grid, which includes a 1.6 per increase.

Main Street improvement project

Council passed a motion to send letters to business owners along Main Street regarding the replacement of the landowners’ portion of sidewalks along that route. The municipality plans to resurface most of Main Street in 2018, one year before the community’s centennial celebration.

FCM grant application

Council passed a motion to apply for a grant with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, for a Municipal Assessment Management Program.

Strategic planning session

Council passed a motion to utilize the services of Larry Stewart, who will facilitate a strategic planning session for the municipality.

Falher Pirate agreement

Council approved a motion to amend the facility use agreement for the Falher Regional Recreation Complex.

In the agreement, the following phrase is being removed: “THE Lessee shall provide the Municipality with the total number of active members per municipality, a maximum of 30 days after the first day of use.”

In its place, “THE Pirates are to provide the Municipality with the residential land location of each of its members, within 30 days after the 2017-2018 season begins.”

Nativity Scene at the Gazebo

Council passed a motion to allow The Co-operators to use the Gazebo by the Falher IGA for a Nativity Scene.

Memorial benches

Council passed a motion to approve a bench program for the public and businesses, to purchase benches for memorial purposes or donations.

Bylaw updates

Council gave all three readings to Bylaw No. 17-10, which updates the Regional Assessment Review Board.

Council also gave first reading to Bylaw No. 17-11, to include signage under general/commercial in the land use bylaw. Signage was not provided for originally in the land use bylaw.

Physician Recruitment and Retention Committee budget

Council approved the Smoky River Regional Physician Recruitment and Retention Committee’s budget for 2018. The other municipal partners must approve it as well.

Career fair at Centre Chevaliers

Council passed a motion for Councillor Geoff Turnquist to represent the Town of Falher at the career fair, which will be held at the Centre Chevalier on Dec. 5. The event is being hosted by Smoky River Regional Economic Development.

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