Falher council approves $1.16 million budget for 2017

Mac Olsen
Express Staff
During their meeting on May 15, Falher council approved a budget of $1.166 million for 2017.

Council also gave all three readings to Bylaw No. 17-04, setting the property taxes. All property taxes must be paid in full by June 30.

Appointment of weed inspectors
Council approved the appointment of Normand Boulet, Phillippe Fournier, Raymond Rey and David Skinner as the weed inspectors for the M.D. of Smoky River, for 2017.

Extension agreement approved
Council approved a one-year extension agreement with Compass Assessment Consultants Inc. This company provides property value assessments for the Town of Falher.
Council also approved a motion to enter into a new 10-year lease agreement with the Smoky River Tourism Board, for a proposed community garden that would be established at their building by the highway.

Member at large vacancy
Council has decided to leave vacant the member at large position for Smoky River Regional Economic Development. Wade Nicolet has stepped down from the position and council has decided to wait until after the municipal elections next fall before appointing another person to it.

LED retrofits
Council approved a motion to proceed with LED retrofits for municipal buildings. Part of the money will come from capital reserves and the rest from a grant by the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre.

Carbon tax explanation
Council approved a motion to put a notice about the provincial government’s carbon tax in with property tax notices. It will explain how much the carbon tax is costing the Town of Falher.

Friendship Hill modifications
Council passed a motion to remove the stairs and tires for Friendship Hill, and will determine possible improvements for the future.

RCMP Community Priority 2017/18
Council approved a motion for the RCMP Community Priority items for 2017/18.
The priorities are:
1. Crime Reduction Initiative.
2. Enhanced Road Safety Through Impaired Driving Enforcement, and enforcement of posted speed limits in playground and school zones.

Falher Regional Recreation Complex
The Town of Falher will enter into agreements with the Smoky River Minor Hockey Association, and the Falher Recreation Development Society for use of the Falher Regional Recreation Centre for 2017/18.

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