Falher council approves amendments to fire hall lease agreement, fire protection service agreement

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

During their meeting on Jan. 18, council for the Town of Falher approved an amendment to the fire hall lease agreement with the M.D. of Smoky River No. 130.
The agreement is now with the Town of Falher only and it is for one year. The agreement also included the Town of McLennan and the Village of Donnelly, which will have their own seperate agreements with the M.D. Also, council approved an increase in the liability insurance from $2 million to $5 million.
Council also approved several amendments to the fire protection services agreement with the M.D. Again, it is now only with the Town of Falher, and it is for five years.
Council also approved a five-year agreement for emergency fire dispatch services. Council agreed to provide $2.25 per capita, which will be given to the M.D., who will make payment to the City of Grande Prairie.
Request to
burn denied
Council denied an applicant’s request to be allowed to burn refuse, as it contravene’s municipality’s Bylaw 10-12, the open burning bylaw.
Peace Regional Victim Services request
Council approved a motion to provide $1 per capita to Peace Regional Victim Services, for a total of $1,075 for 2016.

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