Falher Co-operative Seed Cleaning Plant holds AGM

Board members Lucien Houle, Ron Cloutier, Frank Cote (Chair), Robert Brochu, Hector Ouellette (President, Alberta Seed Processors) and Art Gervais.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Falher Co-operative Seed Cleaning Plant held its AGM at Falher Hotel lounge at 5.30pm, December 11.

“We were disappointed with the turnout for sure because nobody showed up,” says board chair, Frank Cote. “I guess if everybody is thinking that there are no problems then they don’t have to show up, but we still need some direction from the membership in so far as future developments.”

The board had talked about upgrading equipment and some related projects but as everything is functioning properly at present the board decided to remain with the status quo until there is an absolute need to replace equipment.

This is something the board doesn’t anticipate having to do that any time in the near future.

The Falher Co-operative Seed Cleaning Plant has approximately 120 active members and currently offers just the one service and Cote says that as long as that is going okay nobody appears to worry about anything else.

“We thought that having the supper would have pulled more people in but I guess it didn’t.” he says. “We had a breakfast last year and we only had a couple of people turn out for that. At this stage it is hard to figure out what we can do to get people to come to the AGM. Maybe we have to put a for sale sign on the building to wake people up.”

On the positive side, the Falher Seed Cleaning Co-operative Plant is running well and its financial situation is in good shape, which is why the board has decided to maintain the status quo for the immediate future.

“It is a Co-op so it is the membership that decides how the organization moves forward in the future,” says Cote. “If the membership wants to see new things done or see things done differently, they are going to have to come out to the AGM and voice their two bits. But if the membership has any questions or ideas they can contact any of us on the board and run it by us.”


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