Falher business expanding

Richard Froese
South Peace News

A Falher business is expanding to add specialty foods.
At its regular meeting Nov. 10, Town of Falher council gave final reading to amend the land-use bylaw to add specialty food store and add it to the discretionary uses within the general commercial [C-1] and secondary commercial [C-2] districts in the land-use bylaw.
The decision was approved after a quiet public hearing before the council meeting.
Council received no objections to the proposal.
The amendment now allows businesses in the downtown core to sell specialty foods.
Following, council also granted a development permit on Nov. 12 for a business located at 4 Railway Ave. to construct an addition and specialty food store, CAO James Bell said.
Guiding Principle No.7 in the Municipal Development Plan [MDP] states: “Falher aims to sustain local business, foster local prosperity and develop an economic base that is sufficiently diverse to maintain a vibrant commercial core through economic cy- cles.”
The amendment bylaw assists with future business growth and economic development for the community.

Land-use bylaw
getting full review

Steps to review and update the land-use bylaw in 2022 were approved by council.
Council directed administration and Mackenzie Municipal Service Agency [MMSA] to complete a new land-use bylaw.
Bell says the bylaw was adopted in 2014 and last consolidated back in 2019.
“I didn’t realize it hadn’t been done in a while,” Mayor Donna Buchinski said.
During the review process, citizens will be consulted and updated to modernize the land-use bylaw and assist with red tape reduction.

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