A missing Santa and the ‘Reindeer Jive’ part of English Christmas concert at Ecole Routhier

Students in Taryn Aucoin’s Grade 1 English class perform their ‘Christmas Chopsticks and Present Party’.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

The room darkened and sets of neon reindeer ears and gloves worked their magic on stage, along to the song ‘Reindeer Jive’, and the energy abounded from the hidden figures.

This was production that Paulette Pierce’s Grade 3E class performed for families and parents during Ecole Routhier’s English Christmas concert during the evening of December 18. They received cheers and applause, as did all the classes that performed.

Vice-Principal Melissa Portelance opened the evening by welcoming everyone and she highlighted the efforts that the teachers and students made to get ready for the concert.

The event opened with Donna Seier’s Kindergarten class performing ‘Has anybody seen Santa?’ Taryn Aucoin’s Grade 1E class followed up by banging chopsticks together and then holding a present party, whereby each of the student wore a box wrapped in Christmas paper, and they danced in circles on stage.

Following the Grade 3E performance, Laura Wuth’s Grade 6EW class told the tale, ‘The Grinch Spectacular’. Wuth played the Grinch, wearing the trademark costume, and each student said a line from the tale, and they occasion went in circles on stage. They also sang the famous song, ‘You’re Mean One, Mr. Grinch’.

Jeffrey Smith’s Grade 2E class sang ‘Rocks for Christmas’ and Melinda Brickwood’s Grade 4E class offered up ‘A Canadian Jingle Bells’. There followed Jocelyn Arteau-Laforest’s Grade 5E performance of ‘Extraordinary Merry Christmas’ and then her 4/5 FSL students sang ‘Le Pere Noel Electronique’.

Towards the end, Lindsay Brown’s Grade 6EB class sang ‘Christmas Shoes’. For the finale, all the teachers and students were on stage to sing ‘Feliz Navidad’ and yelling ‘Merry Christmas!’

Students in Taryn Aucoin’s Grade 1 English class perform their ‘Christmas Chopsticks and Present Party’.
Melinda Brickwood’s Grade 4E class performed ‘A Canadian Jingle Bells’.
Paulette Pierce’s Grade 3 English Class used the dark to perform ‘Reindeer Jive’. Their antlers and gloves glowed in the dark for their performance.


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