Efforts to organize sledding club in HP begin

Emily Plihal
Local Journalism
Initiative Reporter

High Prairie sledders are being invited to a meeting Dec. 15 to discuss the potential of creating a snowmobile club in the area.
Alberta Snowmobile Association (ASA) will be hosting the meeting at 7 p.m. at the Elks Hall basement in High Prairie. It will be an introductory meeting to explain organized snowmobiling, and the many community benefits that come from a local, organized snowmobile club.
“The ASA is the voice of snowmobiling and snowmobilers in Alberta,” says ASA executive director Chris Brooks.
“The community of High Prairie and the areas around are known for the many enthusiastic sledders and rallies that take place, and we want to be able to help to take our shared sport to the next level. We see the opportunity to help bring the sledders in the area to the larger community of snowmobiling in Alberta.”
The meeting will include speakers from ASA and will help to provide information on how an official club can help both sledders and community members.
“Snowmobilers that are in the area should come out to find out the benefits of belonging to the larger community,” says Brooks.
“An official ASA Club has access to insurance coverages, trail signage, trail and safety grants, member benefits and more. An ASA member with a current season membership has access to the entire Alberta snowmobile network of over 6,500 km of managed trails and riding areas.”
Brooks is urging any people in the area who enjoy snowmobiling to attend the meeting to understand what the provincial association is all about. He explains this is a support that people around the world enjoy, and it is always fun to be part of a group that sets out to build camaraderie.
“Any sledders in the area looking to see what more our sport can offer (should attend the meeting),” he says.
“There is a connected world of snowmobiling in Alberta, Canada, and the world that brings knowledge and excitement to our passion.”
Brooks says although ASA can help at the provincial level to snowmobile clubs, they require local people to organize and run the club. He says they are hoping some volunteers will want to attend the meeting to kickstart the group.
“A local club will need a few people to be president, vice president, and treasurer, same as any group,” he explains.
“A club will also need some folks to think about trails and planning if that is the direction they want to go. If a group is going to begin on a trail system, the ASA has grants and knowledge that can be accessed to help this.”
ASA would love to have other areas introduce a club to the provincial association, if they’re interested.
Brooks says they have had a couple new groups join earlier this year and they’re happy to welcome expansion conversations at any time of the year.
“A local club, upon becoming an official ASA club, will immediately be covered under a variety of necessary insurance programs, as well as having membership and marketing support, accounting services, and so much more,” Brooks explains.
“It’s hard to find a reason not to want to join the provincial snowmobile association,” he adds.
For more information on the meeting, please contact Dwayne Buchholtz at (780) 618-1504.

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