Editorial – Where are the good leaders?

Richard Froese

Canadians live in such a good country where they can enjoy so much that most people around the world don’t.
It starts at the top with good government and leaders. Good government listens and responds to the genuine priorities and needs of the people.
Following news the past few weeks, Albertans are wondering what’s going on with their provincial and federal government leaders. Canadians want and need fair, honest and open government.
Conservatives at both the provincial and federal levels are deciding on leaders that could turn contentious.
Alberta Premier Jason Kenney waits to know about his future as leader of the United Conservative Party [UCP] as members vote in a leadership review. Initially planned for April 9 in a Red Deer convention centre, the review vote has become more heated as memberships have grown to more than 55,000, well over capacity for the venue.
Now it will be a mail-in ballot by all members.
However, it’s a major concern for leadership Candidate Brian Jean, who still has a grudge with Kenney after losing the UCP leadership race in 2017.
Back in government as an MLA in a byelection March 15, Jean wants nothing more than to see Kenney dethroned.
The NDP welcomes all the UCP in-fighting.
After the first NDP government in Alberta was elected in May 2015, a phrase “one and done” quickly spread. It meant the NDP would be out after only one term in office. It happened after the new UCP party won the election in April 2019.
Could the phrase “one and done” now be said about the UCP?
Nationally, the Conservative Party of Canada is also in a leadership race. No doubt, the candidates will bicker to the delight of other parties.
Federal Conservatives will have lots of time to prepare for the next election.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government have been given security. The NDP and Leader Jagmeet Singh signed an agreement in mid-March that keeps Trudeau and his minority government in power until 2025.
It sounds like bad news for Alberta. Trudeau and Singh are strong proponents of climate change and want to undermine Alberta’s oil and gas industry.
More than ever, Canada needs leadership that unites and respects all views.
Talk about the NDP voters being betrayed by their leader. Some government MPs and others are referring to Trudeau as the first NDP prime minister.
Where are all the good, trustworthy government leaders?
Many people may think one is just as bad as the other; left wing, right wing and in-between.
Canadians deserve and need governments and leaders that serve for the best of everyone, not just themselves.

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