Editorial – Volunteering weaves lives

Richard Froese

Volunteers are valuable in any and every community.

Without volunteers, organizations and communities can’t survive.

In fact, volunteers can help communities thrive.

Throughout the year, volunteers do so much to help support people and their communities as individuals or as part of a variety of countless organizations.

Those people with deep and caring hearts and helpful hands were again honoured during National Volunteer Week from April 16-22. They were thanked for their service and commitment to their neighbours, organizations and community.

Many communities and organizations hosted events to thank volunteers and acknowledge all the time and effort they put in to make life better for others and their community.

From young children to seniors, volunteers show their heart, care and love to all they reach in so many ways.

By definition, a volunteer is a person who freely offers to undertake a task. It comes from the heart to do something.

After all, it’s better to volunteer than to be voluntold by someone else.

Volunteers can serve on their own or for a group such as community organizations, schools, sports and recreation, churches, health services, youth and seniors’ programs and more.

Community events also rely on volunteers to function effectively.

Organizers are working hard to recruit volunteers to make sure the events can function without people having to work extended hours and add stress.

Remember, many hands make light work!

It starts by contacting a local organization.

Volunteers also help raise funds for special projects to enhance their community. Otherwise, if communities want those projects, municipalities will have to come up with the money and perhaps raise taxes.

Even before the COVID restrictions started in March 2020, many organizations struggled to recruit younger members and volunteers.

Being a volunteer has so many benefits to life.

“Volunteering Weaves Us Together” was the theme for the 2023 National Volunteer Week, says a new release from Volunteer Canada.

“Let’s celebrate our individual and collective actions in creating a strong interconnected and vibrant community,” the release adds.

“Volunteering weaves us together, strengthening the fabric of our community by sharing our time, talent and energy to support one another.”

The release further states:

“Through volunteering, we experience our interconnectedness, making our lives more meaningful.

“Getting involved in various ways, we fined friendship, develop trust and link our relationships.

“Like each individual thread makes weaving stronger, every volutneer’s experience, perspective and abilities add to our collective resilience.

“We celebrate our collective impact ; through our kindness, generosity and commitment to volunteering, we weave our lives together.”

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