Editorial – Ugly new world

Jeff Burgar

What would North American news do without American President Donald Trump?

Would they actually report “news” as most of us understand happenings of the day? Would they ever talk about the inner workings of what cynics call “the Deep State,” the unholy cabal of military, opportunists, apologists, suck ups, lobby groups and politicians?

Trump calls Washington, the capital of government in the United States, “The Swamp.” The main industry of this capital is government. People flock to Washington to make money. Skimming money from all taxpayers in America keeps the wheels turning. Everybody is in on it.

Trump is an outsider. So these days, and for the past four years, the main job of almost everybody seemingly in almost every department and job, is get rid of Trump. Mainstream media is no exception. To put it mildly, Trump is a monkey wrench in the well-oiled machinery of fleecing the public.

Nov. 3, the date of the presidential election in America, we may know if they have managed to rid themselves of the troublemaker. If Trump loses, most of Hollywood, most of the North American press and media, big tech, and all of those working to dominate the hearts and minds of average people, will win. It may take decades to recover.

If recovery will even be possible. Big government, big data and big tech may never allow a Trump to happen again.

Former president Barack Obama told Americans during a campaign speech, “You know all those jobs in all those factories? They are never coming back. They are gone forever.”

Not so, Obama! Trump has been bringing them back. To those against Trump, was it really worth almost destroying American manufacturing? Just so foreign countries like China could export their own brand of crazy around the world?

Remember ISIS? Obama said in 2014, he would contain and destroy ISIS. He didn’t. Iran? A decent country with an atrocious leadership bent on destroying Israel. Obama gave Iran the means of building nuclear bombs. Trump reversed that.

After being treated to years of the Russian Collusion hoax, we now have the Hunter – Joe Biden Laptop hoax. Another Russian scheme? This time to discredit Trump’s presidential opponent. Apparently, this hoax is so badly performed, the only major newspapers in Canada carrying stories about this, are the PostMedia papers. Meanwhile, CBC, CTV, and Global TV also all have nothing. Same in America, where only FoxNews, the Wall Street Journal and New York Daily Post have stories. Other coverage, where it exists, slams the story.

Because, as anybody paying attention these days knows, the mantra is Trump must go down! At all costs! He must go down!

It took almost four years to publicly debunk Russia collusion in the last election but it was finally killed. But gosh, America’s FBI had real smoking gun evidence against the Bidens for almost a year and did nothing.

Good job against Trump, media, press and Deep State. We fear the possible results.

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