Editorial – The story that never ends

Jeff Burgar

This blockade might be over. It might still be on. It might have expanded to other locations. It might have lost some original supporters. It might have gained new ones.

No matter! Given the state of indigenous affairs in Canada today, it is only a matter of time before another similar blockade pops up.

So despite all the natterings from politicians, particularly and especially Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, about the “Rule of Law,” there is not a whole lot of confidence exactly what the “Rules” really are! One respected journalist, Andrew Coyne, essentially says, the rules are what we all sit down and decide. Perhaps constantly. Makes sense. So no wonder RCMP, lawyers, judges, politicians, perhaps even the Queen seem paralyzed. We need more meetings! Trudeau, if you really know what the law is, for heaven’s sake, please tell us!

Of course, Canadians have watched this parade of idiocy go on for decades. Trudeau’s Liberal government, through politics and statements, has muddied these muddy waters even more than they were before his taking office. New rules for “consultation” and much more. Such things empower dissidents and activists. On the streets, in Parliament and provincial legislatures. Even in supposedly “fair” courts of law.

Perhaps we would not feel terribly bad if each of us was awash in mountains of job offers from booming sectors, like banking, insurance, tech or government. Especially companies that would let us work from homes in Falher, Donnelly or Kinuso. Or if our trees and grains could get to market. Or if the government mailed us a cheque every month because, you know, it’s the right thing to do. A failed pipeline would be a minor irritation.

Last week, over 110,000 people, mostly in the Toronto – Ottawa region, couldn’t get to work over rail stoppages. Stores couldn’t get stock. Or homes and businesses were in danger of freezing.

Our prime minister says “Please be patient.”

Patient for what, pray tell! Please. Tell us!

It should be extremely troublesome to every Canadian this is happening. For decades. And probably, given the inability or reluctance to fix this, centuries.

Frankly, more and more people are concluding the problem is not that our governments are unable to fix this. The problem is, they are scared witless to even try. By that, we mean what if this “Rule of Law” ends up in the Supreme Court of Canada? And some judges, in their unfettered, holier than thou and flavour of the week wisdom, decide the “real” answer is re-open every Treaty and agreement back to Royal decree in 1763.

Canada’s Supreme Court is not infallible. As they themselves demonstrate through their rulings, very often neither are the laws and rules they are tasked with judging.

In the end, the Golden Rule fits. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” To which can be added, “Every person should be allowed to go their own way. As long as that does not interfere with any other person going their own way also.”

Let’s find a middle ground and stay with it.

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