Editorial – Speaking of Mr. Cherry …

Jeff Burgar

This newspaper apologizes.

The apology is long overdue. Or else, we are going to say something that demands an apology. Either way, we want to be ahead of the curve.

Our transgression will be an accident for sure. No malice at all. Even if we are accused of being intentional. Of having evil in our hearts. That’s just the way it is these days.

Of course, some will say this apology right now is not sincere. As in, “How can you apologize for something you haven’t even done yet? Obviously, you can’t really mean you are sorry. If you don’t have empathy with the people you have hurt, being sorry is meaningless.”

Well, that is an opinion. We are sorry you don’t agree with us. Ooops! Does that mean, indeed, we have to know what we are apologizing for?

Good heavens! This is all very confusing! And we are sorry, [and apologize again!] but it is only going to get worse. This is, after all, the Era of Political Correctness.

It seems these days Freedom of Speech is allowed by many only when they agree with what is being said. So it is OK to burn books and ban speeches when the books are “bad,” and the speakers are not “worthy.” So, if you agree with some “hurtful” words from someplace, well, you better be ready to apologize too. You are, in the vernacular of the moment, not one of the “woke.”

Some have said only African-Americans can do up their hair in cornrows. In other words, the star of the movie 10, Bo Derek, decades ago was sinning. Apologize, girl!

Whoopi Goldberg is co-host of the TV morning talk show The View. Last week she was on camera wearing her own hair in cornrows. Dyed blonde? Is this a matter of a two or three or nine class society? Some people get to say and do whatever. Everybody else has to toe some kind of line.

Opinion person Joy Reid, doing a short piece on CNN, portrayed the “cranky old grandpa at Thanksgiving” shouting “Read the transcript!” This is reference to the Ukrainian phone call that American President Donald Trump made public a few weeks ago.

Apparently, the intent of Reid’s skit was to make fun of Trump supporters. They are all cackling old male farts, mostly senile, waving around their canes, proud of their stupidity and ignorance of what is really happening in the world. Reid isn’t apologizing for smearing male senior citizens of a certain political bent.

And of course, neither is Don Cherry – he of the famous “You guys” snark. He has many “What came out of my mouth was not what I meant to say” moments. As so many other politicians and community leaders have at one time or another.

It never occurred to Cherry that not wearing a poppy is as much a freedom of expression issue as wearing one. Anyway, Cherry expressed his opinion. With no apology so far. All horribly, horribly cringeworthy to the politically correct who are so ready to virtue signal and jump all over others.

Does this really need an apology? We’re sorry. Again. But we haven’t figured that yet.

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