Editorial – Rainy day thoughts

Jeff Burgar

What if they held a war, and nobody came?

Saying is so old we can’t really remember how it goes exactly. Bringing it up to date, what if oil went to $100 per barrel and nobody wanted to drill for more? Or how about, what if they wanted to hire more police, but nobody applied?

Look at professional investors. These nice folks might rate themselves on a scale of one to 10. One would be “absolute gamblers.” Ten might be “absolute experts.” Most would probably put themselves about a six or seven.

“I don’t know everything, so don’t call me an expert.”

Or, “I hope to reduce risk for my clients, but your mileage may vary.”

Even at that, they will each put their money where their mouths are. Meaning in all different directions!

And that is what makes the world go around. Right now, some of those professionals [very few of course] are saying oil could easily hit $100 USD per barrel, up from about $65 as of this writing.

The reasoning behind not all agreeing is, companies always drill themselves to lower prices. It’s always been that way. So it’s supposed to always be that way in the future. Investor advisers always say, “Past performance is no indication of future results.” Which covers their butts.

But indeed, it has always been up and down for most commodities. When grain prices are high, producers plant more. Plus buy more fertilizer, hoping to squeeze the last bushel out of the ground while the getting is good.

So in short, as is often also said, “The best cure for high prices is high prices.”

Which means producers will make more, wanting to cash in. Making more drives down prices.

So what would happen if oil producers just sat tight and didn’t go for more oil? This already happened once in the 1970s. The world is much more diversified today. But it could happen again could it not?

Moving on, any thinking person should be worried how police forces are being slammed in mainstream media. News, by definition, is the unusual. It isn’t news if 1,000 cops bring home lost children, take frozen people to the shelters, or stop drunk drivers. Tackle a fellow doing karate moves on a fellow cop and it’s on the news every night. The message is police in Canada are out of control.

Anybody who watches the 20 or so minutes of that confrontation would agree, the on the scene officer showed admirable patience. We still don’t know why the arriving cop, in about three seconds, tackled the offender. The tackler was doped up? He is just a bad apple goon? He was worried for the safety of his fellow officer, and has the tape recording of radio calls to back him up? So many questions. So few answers.

In the meantime, without answers from authorities, media just keeps rolling the short versions of videos, of every ugly incident, from Georgia to Montreal to Arizona to Paris.

We need more of that California video of an idiot driver ranting off to a traffic cop. We need more good police news. That news is out there. It is boring.

But it’s also “the other side of the story” that needs telling.

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