Editorial – Passports make sense

Jeff Burgar

Somewhere, someplace, is someone who thinks it is impossible for government to put together some kind of computer system for a vaccine passport.
There is good reason to think this way. The federal Liberals managed to botch the gun registry system, even after spending billions of dollars. The Phoenix pay system for federal government employees routinely underpaid, overpaid, or missed paying altogether civil servants.
In fact, the Canadian public doesn’t even know just how badly government programs at any level are working.
The upshot of all this is argument over a vaccine passport system in Alberta. Paper products are supposed to be too easy to forge. Smartphone systems? Not everybody has a smartphone and besides, constant rollouts of new models and operating systems, makes it all a dicey effort.
But there are systems everywhere popping up. British Columbia, Saskatchewan and many American states have systems. In other words, less than perfect systems are better than no system at all.
Alberta is full of people quite proudly telling anybody who really doesn’t care, “I’m not getting vaccinated! So there!”
These same people demand they be allowed to dine in restaurants, shop at any store they wish, and of course, plug up hospital beds needed for critically injured in accidents, or those needing treatment for disease or organ failure.
These same people won’t blink an eye if they have to get a couple of vaccine shots when needed for a business or holiday trip.
“Well, that’s just different,” they might argue.
Why our provincial government is stalling over mandating some kind of vaccine certification is baffling. Government has routinely over the past 18 months deliberately, or accidentally, ruined many businesses and industries. Why a small retailer has to close his/her doors, yet a big box store selling golf clubs and sneakers can stay open makes no sense. It would be a different story if, in a community of three places to buy groceries or eating places, each place would have to take turns shutting down for a month. That would be sharing the pain for sure.
The idea not getting a vaccine is some kind of personal freedom not to be compromised is a joke. Every office, business, store, dining place or hotel should be free to accept any person vaccinated or not, or refuse service to anybody not vaccinated.
And any such place by law should have signage that says their choice. Any person vaccinated or not has the choice of doing business with that establishment.
Author Robert A. Heinlein wrote, “Every person has the right to go to hell in their own way. As long as that right does not interfere with someone else’s right to go to hell in their own way also.”
Instead, there are many, many people who want to stick their noses in everyone else’s business of what people can and cannot do. Vaccine passports might seem like an intrusion. In fact, they are a ticket to freedom.

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