Editorial – Our vote goes North

Jeff Burgar

Nobody ever had us answer a poll wanting to know what our favourite lake is in Alberta.

But then, nobody asked us what we love about British Columbia either!

Forgive us for being biased against our sister province, but why should we give a hoot about them? These are the people with politicians who wanted to ban Alberta oil.

Of course, keep on selling us B.C. wine and other beverages. And tourism. These are many of the same folks who complain about Alberta oilsands, but dump raw human sewage into their ocean.

The people might be good. But they keep voting in trash. So, what’s for us to love?

Well, now that you have us started, is it really necessary for us to line up for ferries? Just because that seems kind of normal for so many people on “the Island” or “North Shore” to make this part of their regular commute, do we have to pretend to “enjoy” the trip too? Once is enough, thank you.

Once is also enough for a casual stroll down an ocean side beach. The sight of billions of flies, dead fish and animals, rotten vegetation and other ilk constantly washed ashore is enough of a yuck factor we won’t even mention the occasional “perfumes” wafting through the air.

Sure, we have fond memories of Parksville, Tofino and Nanaimo. But we have better memories of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Inland BC? Summer fun along the interior lakes is much nicer. Once you get past the heat waves. Campfire bans. Rising at 5 a.m. or waiting in lineups for a campsite. Enjoying parking in the Walmart lot too often. It’s all great pleasure, is it not?

Seen the huge rocks. Oooh! Was actually impressed. But now, been there! Done that!

And we’re still waiting for a survey asking for our thoughts.

Likewise, we were missed out on the Alberta “lake and swimming hole” poll. We aren’t surprised. Only 400 people were questioned. To no surprise also, Sylvan Lake placed at the top of the list. The city of 14,000 claims one million people a year visit. Good for them! That’s probably more than all the people who visit B.C. from Alberta!

But, as we have often said, these surveys and reports and stories all seem to have a common theme: Anything north of Edmonton is Inuit, igloos and not worth any tourist time.

To illustrate, in the rest of the Top Five were Horseshoe Lake at Jasper, Moraine Lake at Lake Louise, Upper Waterton Lake, and a teacup of water over by Lac La Biche called Long Lake.

Swimming spots inside the city of Calgary got two wins. Chestermere Lake, another drink of water just outside Calgary also ranked. No mention of the Peace River, Athabasca, North Saskatchewan, Smoky or Wapiti or all our lakes north of Edmonton.

To be fair, we are “stay home you southerners” as often as we are in the “hey, look what we have to offer” camp. We don’t know whether we should brag about the legal anglers who picked up what looked like five walleye, every one of them over 25 inches [63 cm], last week, or keeping such bounty a secret.

But if you want campfires, friendly people, good times and more, northern Alberta is the place to go.

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