Editorial – On Kenney and Trump

Jeff Burgar

People are bored with Donald Trump impeachment babble.

We just want this never-ending story to be over with. As in “C’mon. Stop wasting my time with stories about semi-facts and other such.”

Trump’s impeachment is indeed endless upon endless stories. It started on Nov. 10, 2016. That’s when Democrats, the counterpart to Canada’s Liberals, announced, “Today we start on the road to impeachment.”

They are still trying.

As observers say, this is an impeachment in search of facts to support it. First was Russian Collusion. Then obstruction of justice. Then bribery. Then the Ukraine story. And now it is again bribery, but this time in Ukraine, with obstruction, bribes, threats and intimidation thrown in. The idea is, throw stuff at the wall. Something has to stick.

What should bother any human being isn’t if the American president is a bad person. What should bother us how Mainstream Media, which includes in Canada the CBC, CTV, Global News, the Toronto Star, the Toronto Globe and Mail newspapers, and even the right-leaning National Post, regurgitate American left wing, “Trump is dangerous, Liberals are always Honest and Good” stories.

Anyone watching the televised live impeachment inquiry hearings going on last week may have one idea about what happened. Then, when they watched CTV news, or read online news reports, were possibly amazed the news reports were somewhat different from what they saw.

We’ve always known, and we have said, media is left-leaning. We, the press, hardly ever question small-L liberal ideas. As a group, we often dump on small-C conservative thoughts. That said, probably the most conservative minded media in Canada are found in Quebec and Alberta. Lorne Gunter, writing in the Edmonton and Calgary Sun newspapers, is a fine example of often over-the-top conservative writing. But you can find similar stuff in many of the hundred or so small, independent weeklies in Alberta, this being one of them.

We like to think we’re very fair. We also like to think we are honest. We’re not that excited the “science” behind global warming is “settled.” We are also not convinced man is completely responsible for climate change.

We also liked some of Rachel Notley’s ideas. Yet, her latest idea, asking the Lieutenant Governor to overturn a government bill, is a really silly idea, as were other NDP silly ideas of past years.

Politicians, especially new ones to power, do have silly thoughts. New Premier Jason Kenney is a seasoned pro. He should know a UCP silly idea when it comes to him. Which makes it a head-scratcher why last week he “un-hired” the election investigator looking into the so-called Kamikaze UCP leadership campaign by dissolving his office.

Mainstream media in America, and even in Canada, is so anti-Trump it ignores how stupid Democrats in the States can be. In Alberta, do we love Kenney so much we will ignore any sins?

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