Editorial – ‘It’s for our own good!’

Jeff Burgar

Some days, it seems our dear leaders are mostly interested in promoting facts and ideas that only agree with their own political ideas.

Maybe that is actually just human nature. One might say a mother loves her child just a little bit more than her neighbour’s child. A teacher might have a favourite student, hence the moniker ‘teacher’s pet.’ Not perfection. But it happens often.

Politicians, as individuals, really like some ideas. Maybe as simple as wanting to save taxpayers some money. Or as complicated as dealing with homelessness. Actually, as any politician or former politician knows, saving money in government is as hard as saving money in a household. The numbers are certainly bigger, but there is always too much month left at the end of the money.

Canada’s new carbon tax isn’t going to help any. The public is told this will not cost them any more money in the long run. We are also told this is really helping fight climate change.

Canada carbon emissions are contributing perhaps slightly over one per cent of total global emissions. Many countries, notably India and China, are actually increasing substantially their own already exuberant emissions. So Canadians are basically being penalized to support political ideas in Ottawa.

Exactly how pain in Canada is going to save the world is not a big topic in Ottawa. But this is like it doesn’t matter if this ‘gift’ is good or bad, its the thought that counts. Prime Minster Justin Trudeau is thinking of us.

As they like to say in too many places without thinking, “Damn it, we are going to drag them kicking and screaming into the 21st century.”

Until people vote the maroons out of office.

Voting politicians out of office might seem overkill. As in, “Why the heck can’t we just reason with them, make them see the light, and get them to change their thinking?”

Well, that’s the whole point here. If you asked every member of your own local government if they had an open mind, and were willing to change their thinking with the right argument, guaranteed you would have 100 per cent agreement.

Now, ask them to change their mind one way or the other on one or two of their “pet” ideas. Or how about one of those behind closed doors items that simply won’t be talked about. Completely different story. Also guaranteed.

There are usually good reasons for discussion in secret. But not always. Bad small governments usually want to hide their bad decisions. Fewer who know the better is the thinking. This is even after their own well-meaning campaigns of transparency and accountability! One instance of such secrecy is once is too often. There is worse.

A lawsuit in America had its first ruling from a judge. The FBI and CIA, said the judge, ran a campaign of open lies, deceit and manipulation of media to persuade American people and the world Donald Trump was bad, and suppression of freedom of speech was OK because of COVID.

Amazing, and also frightening, this can happen. It has also happened in Canada in our highest offices. This story is far from over.

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