Editorial – History can repeat itself

Chris Clegg

Alberta has another political party hell-bent on independence.

To be fair, that’s not entirely true. While many of its party members do beat the drums, the Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta will give that decision to the voters if and when they ever form a government.

Interim leader Paul Hinman is skipping around Alberta trying to raise interest, support and – most importantly – money. If he is succeeding is anyone’s guess.

We do love one of his quotes, however. It is so Albertan.

“Do you want to vote for Ottawa’s policies or for Alberta’s future? A vote for Jason [Kenney] or Rachel [Notley] is a vote for Ottawa.”

Hinman is so right.

It is difficult to tell a Liberal from a Conservative from a New Democrat. All wear wolves clothing. Only the Greens appear to offer any change.

Politicians change parties at will for personal gain, they all overspend when given a chance in an effort to buy votes, and all of them practice the political art of fear mongering. Is it any wonder we cannot trust them?

Rarely, do issues get discussed with any intelligence in the House of Commons or legislature, both better called as Government Disneylands of the Great White North.

Instead, we have a bunch of kids pounding on desks and acting like imbeciles.

One may laugh at the new Wildrose resurrection and their dream of independence. Truth be told, their chances are slim and none.

But what the old-time political parties should realize – and they don’t – is that discontent and frustration exists only because of the ineptitude and arrogance of the old parties. Governments shove policies down our throats, close our businesses, and tax us to death while raking in the dough and laughing all the way to the bank.

Then they use your money to buy your vote.

It is all insane, as Hinman suggests.

“The central government [in Ottawa] is the demise of our country,” says Hinman.

May as well add Alberta.

Liberals, Conservatives and New Democrats best be reminded that there will be a day when the people will rise. Sky-high debt, little leadership, arrogance beyond Pepe le Pew and a stink to match make for a perfect storm.

Americans never thought in their wildest dreams that Donald Trump would get elected and he did. The reason was the people were tired of the same old bovine excrement from Washington.

Alberta has not reached that point of despair but never say never. Politicians should realize their ineptitude will be their demise. Frustration is growing in Alberta.

History shows us. Communism in Eastern Europe and Mahatma Ghandi’s peaceful protests in India led to change. They all started small and grew to epic proportions. It can happen here.

And it will happen here if the Justin Trudeaus and Jason Kenneys of the world don’t smarten up!

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